Re: lag while printing and serial redirect

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28.12.2016 01:44, Jakub Klawiter пишет:

2016-12-25 17:58 GMT+01:00 Stas Sergeev <stsp@xxxxxxx>:

You mean -t.
I've been using -dt but ok … it looks the same so probably -d (in my
dosemu) does nothing ;-)
I never told  you to use -d. I told either -t or -td, but
not -d or -dt.
:D I just wanted to say that -d does nothing so -td works same as -t.
at the end -d -t == -t -d == -td ==-dt isn't it?
No, -t takes an optional terminal type argument, and 'd'
means "dummy" type. This is a new syntax however, and
if it hurts someone, it is not too late to change. It is however
still covered with the "-dummy" switch.

anyway same dos exe i'm using is working fine with dosemu started with
-X so maybe it is possible.
Its certainly possible with -X, the problem exists only
with -t. So after you outlined it, I withdrawn my suggestion
about -t. -t is good to just run a bat file, which I thought
your use-case is. For interactive stuff it doesn't work well.
ok, once again thank you! :)

and Happy New year All! :)
Indeed, happy new year to all DOS fans out there. :)
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