Re: lag while printing and serial redirect

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2016-12-15 23:18 GMT+01:00 Stas Sergeev <stsp@xxxxxxx>:

> There is absolutely nothing wrong about it except that it is
> just usually not needed for text-mode non-interactive stuff,
> and the advantage of not using it is that you'll have all the
> text still on your terminal after dosemu closes. The output
> of your .bat can be redirected to the file with simple bash
> redirection etc - this is just a better integration with your
> linux environment, but nothing very important.
leaving any output in terminal is not important here because my batch
file ends with exitemu ;-)

Anyway it is possible to use it without -X and change font/wndow to
large one. My current .desktop file looks like:

Exec=gnome-terminal --profile TEST --hide-menubar --command

it's even better (larger) only problem that colors are little bit flat
this way... too flat :( (in front -X, back -dt) Is it
possible to change palette somewhere as it doesn't depend on my
terminal palette.
I was looking in the /etc/dosemu/ but find nothing about color palette
(except term_color which can be used to switch it to b/w :D)

Pozdrawiam, Jakub.
Milion osób dziennie pobiera Firefoksa... pobierz i Ty!
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