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19.12.2016 16:34, Jakub Klawiter пишет:

2016-12-15 23:18 GMT+01:00 Stas Sergeev <stsp@xxxxxxx>:

There is absolutely nothing wrong about it except that it is
just usually not needed for text-mode non-interactive stuff,
and the advantage of not using it is that you'll have all the
text still on your terminal after dosemu closes. The output
of your .bat can be redirected to the file with simple bash
redirection etc - this is just a better integration with your
linux environment, but nothing very important.
leaving any output in terminal is not important here because my batch
file ends with exitemu ;-)
If you use '-dumb' or '-td' (depending on version), then the
DOS output will stay on your terminal even after exitemu.
Unfortunately is seems dumb is not an option for you as you
are using colors and ascii drawing.

Anyway it is possible to use it without -X and change font/wndow to
large one. My current .desktop file looks like:

Exec=gnome-terminal --profile TEST --hide-menubar --command

it's even better (larger) only problem that colors are little bit flat
this way... too flat :( (in front -X, back -dt) Is it
possible to change palette somewhere as it doesn't depend on my
terminal palette.
This is a work in progress:
They added such support into slang and mc, but its very new.
For example I have fedora-24 and it doesn't yet contain these
You can fill the ticket in dosemu tracker and maybe someone
will find the time to look into this sometime in the future.
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