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13.12.2016 16:26, Jakub Klawiter пишет:

i've got dosemu installed on ubuntu box. I've OKI dot matrix printer
connected to it via USB2parallel interface.

Now if i'll try e.g.

$ echo test | lpr -l
the printer starts to print immediately.

But from dosemu if i'll try:

C:>echo test > lpt1:

it's working but there is 3-4 seconds lag before it starts to print.
Where can i look to fix it?

my dosemu.conf part:

$_lpt1 = "lpr -l"
$_printer_timeout = (10)
So why dont you reduce the timeout then?

The second thing:

i like to have COM1 (serial) port transmission redirected to reglar
file. I tried something like:

$_com1 = "/tmp/com1.txt"

but it's not working. Is it possible to catch serial transmission to a file?
Yes, but not as simple. You need to establish the pty link
with 'socat' program. But this feature is quite simple to add.
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