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16.12.2016 01:10, Jakub Klawiter пишет:
It's not "just a bat". I mean it is starting executable programm which
need terminal to be 80x24.
the batch file is now rather simple (just cd to working directory, and
exe with it's parameters) but i'll leave it like this because... i did
it this way under DOS 6.22 than  windows 95 in other shop under
FreeDos-0.9, than 1.0 (yes i had at work real 386DX in XXI century :D)

I like to have it as large as possible, with -X i can set $_X_font =
"vga12x30" it's working.

Of course I can change font in my terminal, and set it to start 80x24
by default but... i don't want large fonts in every terminal I start.
You probably want some command that can enlarge and reduce
the font size on fly, that can work on various terminal emulators.
There seems to be no such command, even though google shows
there is a demand for it.
I can have few profiles in gnome-terminal but did not find any way to
change profile from desktop file i'm starting all that stuff. BTW
what's wrong with -X. Why should I try to not use it? Anyway of course
There is absolutely nothing wrong about it except that it is
just usually not needed for text-mode non-interactive stuff,
and the advantage of not using it is that you'll have all the
text still on your terminal after dosemu closes. The output
of your .bat can be redirected to the file with simple bash
redirection etc - this is just a better integration with your
linux environment, but nothing very important.
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