Re: lag while printing and serial redirect

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14.12.2016 17:32, Jakub Klawiter пишет:

2016-12-13 22:13 GMT+01:00 Stas Sergeev <stsp@xxxxxxx>:

$_lpt1 = "lpr -l"
$_printer_timeout = (10)
So why dont you reduce the timeout then?
Hmm… i was sure that timeout is about something else rather about
existance / being ready to print…
Perhaps it would be better to call something like "$_printout_delay",
but its probably too late to rename.

  i've changed it to 5 it's better i
think. Tried also 1 but the print was corrupted this way :(

Yes, but not as simple. You need to establish the pty link
with 'socat' program. But this feature is quite simple to add.
Thank you very much!

For future users what I did is:
The future users will unlikely to need this, as I've added such
capability to git.

$ cat

socat -d -d -u pty,group=dialout,mode=660,link=/tmp/ttyCOM1,raw,echo=0
create:/tmp/ttyCOM1.txt &

dosemu -X -f "/home/cartoon/skrypty/dosemu-raporty.conf"  -E r.bat
Are you sure you need '-X' for running just the bat file?
Try -dumb or -td or -t depending on dosemu version.
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