Re: lag while printing and serial redirect

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15.12.2016 19:18, Jakub Klawiter пишет:

2016-12-14 21:00 GMT+01:00 Stas Sergeev <stsp@xxxxxxx>:
14.12.2016 17:32, Jakub Klawiter пишет:
Hmm… i was sure that timeout is about something else rather about
existance / being ready to print…
Perhaps it would be better to call something like "$_printout_delay",
but its probably too late to rename.
it is also not delay, i've changed it from 10 to 5, and the lag is
smaler but not by half.
This is a delay since the print data xfer ended, not started.
So the total_time_before_printout_starts=data_xfer_time+printout_delay.
If data_xfer_time is large enough, then reducing printout_delay
twice will result in some srink of total time but not twice.
Maybe you can reduce also the data_xfer_time, try
speed 0
in the beginning of your printing bat file.

dosemu -X -f "/home/cartoon/skrypty/dosemu-raporty.conf"  -E r.bat
Are you sure you need '-X' for running just the bat file?
Try -dumb or -td or -t depending on dosemu version.
I have dosemu- or ... no idea why but ubuntu repo says
it's and dosemu that it's :> Anyway it's 1.4 :D
This is the last "stable" version, but its very very old unfortunately.

It's not "just a bat". I mean it is starting executable programm which
need terminal to be 80x24.
the batch file is now rather simple (just cd to working directory, and
exe with it's parameters) but i'll leave it like this because... i did
it this way under DOS 6.22 than  windows 95 in other shop under
FreeDos-0.9, than 1.0 (yes i had at work real 386DX in XXI century :D)

I like to have it as large as possible, with -X i can set $_X_font =
"vga12x30" it's working.

Of course I can change font in my terminal, and set it to start 80x24
by default but... i don't want large fonts in every terminal I start.
You probably want some command that can enlarge and reduce
the font size on fly, that can work on various terminal emulators.
There seems to be no such command, even though google shows
there is a demand for it.
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