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Mateusz Viste <mateusz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I think there is no point refreshing the bsd stack used in slirp (iirc
> it uses the stack of a 4.4 bsd), because it is used only between slirp
> and dosemu anyway. Between slirp and the outside world only 'normal'
> host's sockets are used.

I did not mean in the context of dosemu.  I meant more in the context of
qemu and places where applications will start caring.  Depending on the
network stack it should not be too difficult to get ipv6 support in
there as well.

> Anyway, as a 1st step I will transform taprouter into an easy-to-link
> module. Then, I will look how to integrate it into DOSemu.

Sounds good.

I am inclined to look at some of this for the context of lxc so we can
have unprivileged containers that have packets that go out the host
network stack.  ;-)  Now that I know what the trick qemu uses.

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