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I think there is no point refreshing the bsd stack used in slirp (iirc it uses the stack of a 4.4 bsd), because it is used only between slirp and dosemu anyway. Between slirp and the outside world only 'normal' host's sockets are used.

Anyway, as a 1st step I will transform taprouter into an easy-to-link module. Then, I will look how to integrate it into DOSemu.


ebiederm@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Mateusz Viste <mateusz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Hi
>> I do not think there is any ipv6 support in slirp. But it is not that
>> important I believe, since there is no dos tcp/ip stack with ipv6
>> support :)
>I believe tcp/ip with ipv6 support can be had from one of the etherboot
>descendents of gpxe or ipxe.
>Ok.  I see what you mean about slirp and qemu.  qemu has forked slirp
>and has an internal version.  The standalone slirp package seems only
>be actively maintained by the debian package maintainers at this point.
>Of course we are talking old stable code here.  I wonder if it would
>make sense for someone to reimport the BSD networking stack into slirp?
>At a very basic level I don't know if it is wise to make it easy to
>open up old unmaintained dos executables to the public internet.  But
>unless it becomes common there are unlikely to be anything except
>government level attacks that will target old DOS binaries to break
>your machine so I doubt it is particularly.
>With respect to ipv6.  My current swag is 2020 for when ipv6 will have
>achieved effectively universal penetration and some ISPs will stop
>routing legacy ipv4 from their customers across the internet.
>Given that what this is about keeping old software on life support for
>a minimal amount of work I don't see any reason to object to the lack
>ipv6 support.  I was mostly curious if this was walking down a
>maintenance dead end.  If slirp updates can be pulled from qemu I don't
>imagine there will be any maintenance problems.

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