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Hi all,

I'm happily using DOSemu since a long time now, and the one thing that has always been bothering me is the complicated networking settings. Playing with bridging and masquerading and transforming the host into a routing machine is usually fine on a home desktop PC, but it becomes a real pain on a laptop which, by nature, often change it's network settings and physical locations.

This is why I wrote a tool to make DOSemu networking much easier (at least from my POV): taprouter. taprouter is a user-mode application that acts like a router for DOSemu, and handles the internet access by using the host's networking, using SLIRP as a backend (a purist might say that taprouter is more like an ethernet-to-SLIP-bridge-with-DHCP-and-ARP-proxy rather than a 'router'). It delivers network settings to DOSemu via DHCP, so there's no configuration needed on the DOSemu side.

The thing is available for download (along with documentation) at the link below:

I hope it will prove useful to anyone (else than me). :)

Mateusz Viste
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