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John R. Sowden wrote:
> I continue to use DOS because it is simple to configure, and requires a
> minimum of files.  I have been trying to find out the order of execution
> of dosemu from when I click on the icon until the c: prompt shows up.

first start 'dosemu' - shell (sh/bash) script, which perform some
initialization and preliminary things. At end this script starts
'dosemu.bin' - self DOS emulation engine. dosemu.bin then initialize
and run some instance of DOS (usually FreeDOS). There is not necessary
have DOS on FAT partition, it may be on some native Linux partition too.

Dosemu uses some configuration files in '/etc/dosemu/', it has other
files in /usr/bin/, /usr/share/dosemu/, /usr/share/doc/dosemu/,
/usr/lib/dosemu/ etc. These files and their precise location You should
obtain from your package system - command 'rpm -ql dosemu' give it on
my Fedora system, which use RPM package manager. Ubuntu has IMO 'apt'
as package manager.

> I am also trying to find all of the associated/required files.  I don't
> understand how the links work in d:/dosemu when they all lick to

This trick uses fact, that binary can detect with which name run and
behaves depend on it.

>  Where are the actual files.  I want the minimum in my ubuntu
> directory structure and the mail part on a fat32 partition.
> Where do i get this data?
> John
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