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24.06.2013 15:36, Mateusz Viste пишет:
> Hi all,
> I'm happily using DOSemu since a long time now, and the one thing that
> has always been bothering me is the complicated networking settings.
> Playing with bridging and masquerading and transforming the host into
> a routing machine is usually fine on a home desktop PC, but it becomes
> a real pain on a laptop which, by nature, often change it's network
> settings and physical locations.
> This is why I wrote a tool to make DOSemu networking much easier (at
> least from my POV): taprouter.

Maybe a naive question, but, what problem does it
actually solve? I can see some advantage of this over
the bridging tap0 with eth0 solution, but what advantage
does it give over the static route with masquerading solution?

You seem to be saying that the dosemu's networking
configuration tends to change when you relocate your
laptop - I can agree with this if we talk about bridging,
but is it still true for the routing case?

I think I can just install a generic DHCP server and dosemu
will be able to reach it. Also, if tap0 is bridged with eth0,
dosemu will be able to reach an outer DHCP server.
Is this not true?

I am not sure what does this mean:
taprouter expects you to use the IP address as a default gateway
you mean default gateway for dosemu or what?

Why your tool itself need a tap device?

Sorry, I am just a bit lost. :)
Never used dosemu with DHCP, but I haven't expected there
are any problems that need an extra tool to solve.
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