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Mateusz Viste <mateusz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi
> I do not think there is any ipv6 support in slirp. But it is not that
> important I believe, since there is no dos tcp/ip stack with ipv6
> support :)

I believe tcp/ip with ipv6 support can be had from one of the etherboot
descendents of gpxe or ipxe.

Ok.  I see what you mean about slirp and qemu.  qemu has forked slirp
and has an internal version.  The standalone slirp package seems only to
be actively maintained by the debian package maintainers at this point.
Of course we are talking old stable code here.  I wonder if it would
make sense for someone to reimport the BSD networking stack into slirp?

At a very basic level I don't know if it is wise to make it easy to
open up old unmaintained dos executables to the public internet.  But
unless it becomes common there are unlikely to be anything except
government level attacks that will target old DOS binaries to break into
your machine so I doubt it is particularly.

With respect to ipv6.  My current swag is 2020 for when ipv6 will have
achieved effectively universal penetration and some ISPs will stop
routing legacy ipv4 from their customers across the internet.

Given that what this is about keeping old software on life support for
a minimal amount of work I don't see any reason to object to the lack of
ipv6 support.  I was mostly curious if this was walking down a
maintenance dead end.  If slirp updates can be pulled from qemu I don't
imagine there will be any maintenance problems.

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