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24.06.2013 17:50, Mateusz Viste пишет:
> Hi Stas!
> No, it's not naive at all :). And my descriptions are probably lacking
> a fair amount of clarity.
> > actually solve? I can see some advantage of this over
> > the bridging tap0 with eth0 solution,
> Bridging tap0 with eth0 requires that:
>  - there is a DHCP server somewhere in the network
>  - you are actually using always eth0 (and not wlan0 for instance when
> on the road, and eth0 when at home, etc)
There seem to be the project to solve this:

> I hope it's a bit clearer now :) Let me know.
Thanks for the picture you added to the page.
I was actually just writing a mail asking you to do something
like this pict. :)
So basically the static DNS and static gateway are only
needed to allow the configuration without DHCP? Maybe
it is not worth the troubles, and only the DHCP-based
configuration can be left? I mean if you (or anyone else)
is going to port that inside dosemu, that may be easier.
But then, remove the static configuration, and suddenly
not too much is left at all. :)
Could you please explain a little more how NAT+slirp work
in that scenario? What was the task of slirp, is there no
other way to deal with the raw IP packets?
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