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Aha, thanks for an explanation!
Now I've started to understand what is this all about. :)
Lets add dosemu-devel and Eric Biederman into CC.
The beginning is here:

24.06.2013 19:38, Mateusz Viste пишет:
> It would be really cool to have this incorporated into DOSemu, so for
> example a network configuration could be something like:
>   $_pktdriver = (on)
>   $_vnet = "slirp"
>   $_netdev = "/usr/bin/slirp"
> And such configuration would provide working network connectivity in
> any situation, without the user having to care about anything (as long
> as the host would have network itself).
> I even looked at DOSemu source code, and locating the point where
> DOSemu opens the TAP interface wasn't a big deal, and it would be easy
> to implement any other alternative channel there, but I could not
> locate the code where DOSemu sends/recv ethernet frames into/from the
> TAP. If anybody tells me where in the code this happens, I might try
> to look further.
Sure: in pktnew.c please find the following:
        if (write(pkt_fd, SEG_ADR((char *), ds, si), LWORD(ecx)) >= 0) {
                    pd_printf("Write to net was ok\n");
                    return 1;

and the following:
    size = read(fd, pkt_buf, PKT_BUF_SIZE);
    if (size < 0) {
        p_stats->errors_in++;           /* select() somehow lied */
        return 0;

and that's it. :)
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