Re: DOSemu networking made easy

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25.06.2013 02:04, Mateusz Viste пишет:

There is no really any way to translate ipv4 into ipv6.
Could you please name the exact challenges?
I thought if it does proxying on a transport layer
then all it needs is to map the IPv4 address to IPv6
and then create a TCP connection as usual.
What am I missing?

About slirp - it is a pretty ancient soft indeed, but it is actively maintained by the qemu team. Both Qemu and Bochs use it for their user net service already, so it should be quite stable in time :)
So for instance on fedora will people have to install
the qemu package to get /usr/bin/slirp? Or is it completely
internal to quemu, so that dosemu will have to import
its sources and re-sync every time?
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