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24.06.2013 23:58, Eric W. Biederman пишет:
Stas Sergeev <stsp@xxxxxxx> writes:

Aha, thanks for an explanation!
Now I've started to understand what is this all about. :)
Lets add dosemu-devel and Eric Biederman into CC.
The beginning is here:
I can see the appeal, of unprivileged NAT.

I don't think I have run any network facing applications in DOS.

Does the slirp code make any pretense of supporting IPv6?  Or is it the
same code I used in college  20 years ago?
You mean proxying the dosemu's IPv4 packets
by the use of IPv6? May be interesting for the
future, but IMHO IPv4 is not going to disappear
any time soon so why do we care at that stage.

My concern is also why there is no slirp packages
in most distros including fedora it seems. Very
few mentioning in google, not to say no docs -
pure nothing, or at least nothing googlable.
Last release like 10 years ago etc... This makes
me really sceptical, may became a maintenance burden.
But, as long as it works...
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