Re: php can't resolve 8.3 paths to unicode filenames, is that expected ?

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R. S. wrote:
RS ... Just out of curiosity does the problem ranges of alphabets fall outside
>of the limited 'UTF16' range that M$ uses for 'wide strings'. I'm busy out at an
>exhibition this weekend so only have limited access to my database, but I do
>seem to recall that since wide strings are only 16 bit based, any character area
>going into the 24bit region (3 byte) is not supported.
I don't know. But it should be irrelevant since php interpreter doesn't see any of the
non-ascii chars when given short path.
But anyway... Greek and Cyrylic letters are in the 3 byte range ? I thought that only
applies to CKJ chars.
My memory is not as good as it once was, but I thought Greek was one of the areas I had trouble with windows a few years back. I think at the time the problem was that windows maps them to a different area using the 'spare' bit so they are not the same characters as returned by unicode but applications have nothing to indicate they are different. Pierre I'm fairly sure that the 'wide string' codes get miss read and give invalid unicode for what should be three byte blocks of codes. At the time I hit it I was only using Borland C on Windows, but it sounds like the same problem I hit when trying to port a system for a Greek customer. We ended up keeping 'english' file names but storing greek text :( RS - It's not specifically a PHP bug as Pierre has indicated, you are just lucky not to hit other manifestations of the problem.

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