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jankomEarthlink wrote:
> Hi Franta,
> On 04/22/2014 06:10 PM, Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:
>> good news - thanks to Stas Sergeev great work from yesterday are in dosemu repaired some issues and isn't now necessary copy kernel.sys to C:\, as I wrote yesterday. New
>> Fedora3 RPM packages are:
> I tried the rpm but there were a bunch of dependency issues, see below - just F.Y.I.:
> [root@Andraslinux apu]# rpm -ivh xfer_andraswd/src/dosemu-
> error: Failed dependencies:
>         SDL_gfx is needed by dosemu-
>         SDL_ttf is needed by dosemu-
>         alsa-lib is needed by dosemu-
>         libsndfile is needed by dosemu-
> is needed by dosemu-
>         svgalib is needed by dosemu-
>> I'll be glad when they will work on Your system.
> At any rate I suspect that, as in a related message, the problem is with my kernel or system configuration.
> Thanks for your efforts, nevertheless.
> Janos

Hi Janos,

You can download missing package alsa-lib from Fedora archive here:

SDL_gfx, SDL_ttf and libsndfile You can download from Fedora-extras archive:

and svgalib package (it solves too) from my web:
(not know why, this package is in Fedora 2 and Fedora 4, but not in
Fedora 3, thus I must build own)

and then install them via 'rpm' utility:

Usual installation via yum in Your case isn't possible, because Fedora 3
is too old distro (IMO via yum is now possible install/update Fedora 7
and above)

hth, Franta Hanzlik

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