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Vedran Vucic wrote:
> Hello,
> I recompiled ghostpdl with fonts and I have done print from my
> DOSapplication to /tmpwith x.pclasoutput.
> After that I have done command pcl6.....
> and I Got message that it cannot read x.pcl file which is actually the
> same that I sent you already.
> Everything is done as root so permissions are not issue.
> best wishes,
> Vedran

Are You sure that Your pcl6 command syntax is right? In minimal version it should be as:

pcl6 -sDEVICE=pswrite x.pcl

What print pcl6 command, when you run it without parameters? My output is:
$ pcl6
Usage: pcl6 [option* file]+...
Options: -dNOPAUSE -E[#] -h -C -L<PCL|PCLXL> -K<maxK> -P<PCL5C|PCL5E|RTL> -Z...
         -sDEVICE=<dev> -g<W>x<H> -r<X>[x<Y>] -d{First|Last}Page=<#>
	 -sOutputFile=<file> (-s<option>=<string> | -d<option>[=<value>])*
         -J<PJL commands>
Version: 8.71 (r10735 released 2010-02-10)
Build date: Thu Nov 25 02:45:35 2010
Devices: x11 x11alpha x11mono x11cmyk ljet4 djet500 cljet5pr cljet5c
 bitcmyk bitrgb bitrgbtags pcxmono pcxgray pcxcmyk pswrite pdfwrite pxlmono
 pxlcolor bmpmono bmp16m bmpsep8 pbmraw pgmraw ppmraw png16m pngmono
 jpeg wtscmyk wtsimdi imdi nullpage

At end You can debug program (e.g. with strace). But then it seems as is something wrong in your build. You can compare your outputs from ./configure with mine - they are at:

It is probably all what I can help You, I'm not big programmer and debugging like this over mailing list is problematic.

Franta Hanzlik
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