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Vedran Vucic wrote:

> When I want to print from my DOS application I cannot print on my USB
> HP LP1020 printer. My printer is named Laserprinter in my cups
> configuration. When I print from terminal using command
> lpr -P Laserprinter nameoffile
> it works well.
> You can find my dosemu.conf on this link:
> Please advise.

This may be a long shot, but here goes anyway.

I have only one printer attached to a printer server, as it is used by
several computers.  The printer is a HP LaserJet IIP dating from 1991.
On one occasion in 2009, after I had monkeyed with the CUPS
configuration for that printer, it stopped printing some files but not
others.  Among the files not printed were DOS files, notably ones
generated by WP 5.1.

Almost by accident I discovered why; in the CUPS configuration I had not
designated as the default printer the one printer I had.  Instead I had
assumed that having only one printer would not require designation as
the default printer, after all what other printer could be the default?

My assumption was wrong; even if you have only one printer it has to be
designated as the default.  When I did so my DOS based files would then
print.  I have lived long enough never to make assumptions but forgot
that lesson on this particular occasion.

Regards, Ken Heard
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