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On Tue, December 24, 2013 16:28, Jan Ehrhardt wrote:
> Hi Anatol,
> "Anatol Belski" in (Mon, 23 Dec 2013 17:51:48 +0100):
>> Ups, that's rather surprised me. None of PECL extension was yet
>> patched, I think none of those will really work. Even if they luckily
>> compiled, there is a lot of things to fail. As wrong datatypes,
>> parameter formats, etc. are used. It's actually on TODOs to prevent
>> compilation of the unpatched extensions. The tricky thing is to catch
>> runtime issues on the compile time. Feeling bad not to mentioning that
>> in the first mail.
> No harm done. I like to experiment ;-)
> Most likely your Russian is a lot better than mine, but this article got
> me in the compiling business some years ago:
> After figuring out what Sergey was saying, I managed to compile
> php_ffmpeg.dll fir (then) PHP 5.3. Since then all my builds contain a
> php_ffmpeg.dll for querying the specs of video recordings and making
> thumbnails.
> Of course I tried to patch and compile php_ffmpeg. I only replaced the
> 'long' things with their 'int' couterparts.
> convert_to_long_ex := convert_to_int_ex
> Z_LVAL_PP := Z_DVAL_PP (I was not
> really sure about this one)
> Most of these changes were in ffmpeg_frame.c. The result: it compiled,
> but the frame functions failed (and thus also the making of a thumbnail).
> Compare these two:
You was just too fast so I couldn't mention Z_IVAL :) I've extended the
draft a bit anyway. The non-core
extensions might need some tool for easier porting, i've that already on
TODOs. Actually once ported any extension should work with the new APIs.

> This is the Wordpress site:
> It only is a MySQL replication slave of the production site, so some
> images may be missing. And the 'internal' links point to the production
> site as well. But it runs.
> I cannot show you the Drupal7 site, because it is behind a login.
Thanks for posting, clicked through it and can just repeat myself -
amazing! Of course I haven't expected it to be very bad, but the status
seems to be really better than i thought :)

> Server Apache/2.4.6 (Win32 VC9), PHP running under mod_fcgid/2.3.7 with
> Zend OPcache enabled. The php_opcache.dll is slightly modified to
> accomodate two opcaches for different PHP version under Windows:
> 73616
> The last comment refers to you, BTW.
> The only thing I have noticed until now is, that I saw a lot of fcgid
> instances of php-cgi.exe running yesterday. Maybe they were not terminated.
> I will keep an eye on that.
The opcache is still a sort of issue on windows. It might be well the
reason of the process hanging. But, is it really CGI, not FastCGI? Cause
FastCGI process might be left alive for some time once invoked, depends on
the settings.

With sybase_ct - that's one of the "tentative" fixes. Because, as you
surely saw, there are no builds of that extension in the 5.5 releases. The
reason is that we still have no SDK. Even after trying to register to the
download site, there are hurdles so one is even not sure it would be legal
at all :) So that ext even doesn't well with the current stable branch.

Many thanks for further testing


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