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Hi Jan,

On Mon, December 23, 2013 11:13, Jan Ehrhardt wrote:
> "Anatol Belski" in (Sun, 22 Dec 2013 13:19:56 +0100):
>> automated Windows builds for this branch are now back and running,
>> please fetch the latest under
> I was curious to see which PECL extensions compiled out-of-the-box with
> these experimental builds. I was not disappointed: dba blenc timezonedb
> translit uploadprogress xmldiff
> This resulted in he following builds:
> There is a phpinfo.htm in the zip's with all those modules loaded.
Ups, that's rather surprised me. None of PECL extension was yet patched, I
think none of those will really work. Even if they luckily compiled, there
is a lot of things to fail. As wrong datatypes, parameter formats, etc.
are used. It's actually on TODOs to prevent compilation of the unpatched
extensions. The tricky thing is to catch runtime issues on the compile
time. Feeling bad not to mentioning that in the first mail.

> Initial tests with Drupal7, Wordpress and custom PHP sites did not show
> anything abnormal. They just ran.
And that's amazingly great to hear. As it's really about the core right
now, and it's been yet tested almost with synthetics only ... especially
some real life tests passing are a great thing to know. Also interesting
of course are the edge cases regarding LFS, 64 bit integers and long
strings (as far as i could see many are covered in phpt).

Despite it runs, it's yet a lot to do in the patch. Some SAPIs wasn't
ported yet, some extensions just minimally tested, also many semantic
changes are to be done. Well, the most importand/widely used things should
be fine anyway.

Thank you very much indeed.


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