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"Anatol Belski" in (Wed, 25 Dec 2013 03:33:01 +0100):
>> The only thing I have noticed until now is, that I saw a lot of fcgid
>> instances of php-cgi.exe running yesterday. Maybe they were not terminated.
>> I will keep an eye on that.
>The opcache is still a sort of issue on windows. It might be well the
>reason of the process hanging. But, is it really CGI, not FastCGI? Cause
>FastCGI process might be left alive for some time once invoked, depends on
>the settings.

They were FastCGI (or actually mod_fcgid) instances of php-cgi.exe. They
show up as php-cgi.exe in the Windows Task Manager.
I had the impression there were more instances than before.

>With sybase_ct - that's one of the "tentative" fixes. Because, as you
>surely saw, there are no builds of that extension in the 5.5 releases. The
>reason is that we still have no SDK. Even after trying to register to the
>download site, there are hurdles so one is even not sure it would be legal
>at all :) So that ext even doesn't well with the current stable branch.

I also had a real trouble to download the latest ASE 15.7 developers
packages today. Crashed pages after registering and the like. But in the
end I succeeded. I will PM you a download link.


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