Re: 64 bit platform improvements

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Jan Ehrhardt in (Tue, 24 Dec 2013 16:28:56 +0100):
>Of course I tried to patch and compile php_ffmpeg. I only replaced the
>'long' things with their 'int' couterparts.
>convert_to_long_ex := convert_to_int_ex
>Z_LVAL_PP := Z_DVAL_PP (I was not really sure about this one)

OK, that had to be Z_LVAL_PP := Z_IVAL_PP

>Most of these changes were in ffmpeg_frame.c. The result: it compiled,
>but the frame functions failed (and thus also the making of a
>thumbnail). Compare these two:
> (PHP 5.3.28)
> (PHP 5.7.0-dev)

Works now:

php_ffmpeg.dll will survive the 64-bit transition :-)


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