[trn] Ignoring unrecognized switch: -Z

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  Hi guys,

I'm experiencing some weird stuff with my local NNTP server 
(it reports penty of new articles, but when I enter the group
there's none or very few articles there).  Anyways, that's
besides the point.

To investigate this, I thought I should try to disable fetching
XOVER records, which the man-page says I can control with the
-Z switch.  Whatever I do with -Z, I get the "Ignoring
unrecognized switch: -Z" reply from trn.  trn -V reports
test76, but I think it's installed from CVS and not necessarily
the test76 release.

So to distill what I'm saying here; - either the manpage
documents something that has been removed, or the code that
parses the command line arguments is buggy and doesn't
recognize the Z option.

  Lars J

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