Re: Does TRN Support Yenc?

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On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 03:52:30PM -0700, Mike Castle wrote:
> In article <>,
> Hart Larry  <> wrote:
> >however, I don't think pine supports yenc either.  Are their any other easy
> >solutions in a unix shell for grabbing-and-decoding these kind of messages?
> uudeview

Yeah, who needs decoding support in newsreaders when we've got UUDeview. :)
(Well, they could incorporate the library version of uudeview...)
> I usually do something like go into a group and do:
> /. RET
> :s%a.uue RET
> Then in another window, do:
> uudeview -a -i -c *.uue

I usually save many articles to big files (I prefer files of say 1-100MB
 over hundreds or thousands of separate article files) instead and let 
uudeview sort the whole bunch out.
BTW, uudeview seems to get a bit confused on certain yEnc encoded files
(a multipart binary will be seen as a 'State 3' part and a 'State 4'
 part), but disabling smartness ( '-s' ) will then get it processed fine
( 'State 16' ) .  :)

Marco van Loon

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