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I just q'ed out of a newsgroup -- after having
marked ten or so threads for later reading --

unfortunately, I q'ed out before doing the
usual :T+ to get those thread-marks memorized,
saved to disk.

Would have been nice if there was some kind
of "try to not let me screw up" option, which
if enabled in the above case, would, before
executing the "q"-exit-cmd, asked me:

  You marked some threads [or articles], and

     [*sounds* good, maybe, the seven following
     words "left ... unread,", but they're *wrong*,
     because you could read *every* article (currently!)
     in those threads -- the error being that later
     on, *additional* posts 
     could come into that "emptied-out" thread; 
     nonetheless, I leave it for now, as something
     that might be explained in a (much needed!)
     (up-to-date) manual.]

  left at least some of them unread, so I ask:
  before you exit this "XXX" newsgroup, wouldn't
  you like to *save* those marks?  (You're about
  to lose the marks you made this time, ie in
  this visit to XXX newsgroup).


The more of this kind of friendly possible-error
catching, the easier trn will (appear to) be,
and the more users there'll be.

Just an idea for consideration, the above.



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