TRN: almost all threads got marked; how2Undo that?

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This one newsgroup, a *huge* one, somehow
got its 1st 50 pages-worth of threads
marked "*" (and that with one thread per line

I tried ":m", thinking that that would,
for every marked thread, execute "m" (mark
unread) on it.



NOTE: not *every* thread got marked, just
every single one for the first n pages
of threads (too many to page through),
whereas at the final page, *no* threads
are marked, ditto for going backwards
through the threads, until you get tired
of working through the pages in *that*
(reverse) direction.

Like I say, there's *lots* of threads
(group is Microsoft.public.excel.programming),
not sure how it would take to page through
the one-line-per-thread pages until
you came to where you ran out of marked
ones and began the yet-unmarked ones.

Again, any suggestions?


By the way, how does trn work, in that it
remembers these marks.  

Just *where* and *how* are those already-read
vs not-yet-read facts kept?  Is that file
human-readible (sp?), understandable (by novices?)?

What do you have to read to understand these 
subdirectories that trn seems to create under
News?  What files in the sources?

Or someone's personal notes on how things
work, perhaps?


Oh, I eventually tried removing, from .newsrc,
all the article-numbers for that newsgroup,
before which I had exited trn.

I sure expected that to have an effect -- but when
I again ran trn, all those thousands and thousands
of threads were *still* marked.

Can anyone explain some of this?


David Combs

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