Re: TRN: almost all threads got marked; how2Undo that?

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On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, David Combs wrote:
> I tried ":m", thinking that that would, for every marked thread,
> execute "m" (mark unread) on it.

First off, your terminology is a little off.  Articles get selected for
reading, not marked.  The docs refer to marking only with respect to an
article's unread status, which is completely separate from it's
selection status.

The '*' indicates that a thread has some selected articles and some
non-selected articles, so something did a search and marked individual
articles as selected.  These selected articles are already unread, so
running ":m" does nothing.  If you run ":-" all articles will become
unselected, which I believe is what you want.

However, if the selections are happening each time you enter the group,
then you have a memorized command for the group that is selecting
articles.  Press Ctrl-K from inside the group and check out what is
there.  You'll probably want to edit the file and remove whatever
command that is generating too many selections.

> Oh, I eventually tried removing, from .newsrc, all the article-numbers
> for that newsgroup, before which I had exited trn.

The .newsrc file determines the read/unread status of the articles in
each group, and has nothing to do with selection.  Auto-selection
commands are stored in each group's memorized-command file (aka "kill


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