ideas or directions for *implementing* a 2nd mark-type

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This, I hope, will start a 2nd thread, an 
*implementation* thread, for having a way
to specially-mark threads we've either
started ourselves, or added a comment to.

(Maybe *two* additional mark-types, then,
one for where we've *originated* a thread,
and another somewhat-lesser one for where
we've merely added a comment to.)

(Aside: Seems like, with just about every key on
the keyboard being already used for at 
least two different purposes by trn,
we'll have a problem providing any
control over such a facility, except
via a config file.)

Whenever we post to a group, whether
from within trn or from outside,
stand-alone, our post ends up going
through "Pnews".  So that looks like
a convenient place for setting up a
memory of what we've posted:

. pnews knows what group we posted to.

. pnews knows whether it's an original
  post, vs a followup.

. pnews knows our or the subject-string.

. pnews knows today's date and time.

. pnews, inventing its own method of
  remembering this stuff in a per-newsgroup-
  posted-to file, can set up as many
  per-post fields, for all kinds of information
  (attributes, properties) it might want
  to allow the Pnews-user to (optionally)

. pnews's own "commands" are 100% separate
  from those of trn-proper, so there's no
  worry about "all the keys already being
  used up".

Then, Pnews having left behind a record
  of its posts and followups, makes it
  easy for trn, on opening a news-group,
  to read that Pnews-written file, if and
  when it wants to.

  That is, when the user opens a newsgroup
  for which there is such a file, or for
  which there is a *recently-modified* file,
  or whatever, right then, within the
  "opening the newsgroup" process, it can
  (optionally, via command-line option, config
   file, command at the "choose-news-group"
   level, ...) *prompt* the user:

       You have some (recent) posts to this
       newsgroup: would you like me to
       show as "marked" *only* those threads
       that you've posted to?  Or just those
       threads you've *originated*?  Or all
       three, mixed together via the same mark?

  Then, having finished with, say, those
  you've originated, you could exit the
  group and immediately re-enter it, answering
  differently this time.

  Better, if a key can be found, a way to
  toggle through the several possibilities,
  much as the "L" command does now (short,
  long, and very-long thread-listing).


Approached in something like the above scheme,
adding such a badly needed facility isn't 
really that difficult -- assuming that the
person doing the implementing will personally
benefit from it.

Anyway, it provides this ability, without
getting too involved in trn's intricate
code, so it wouldn't be too likely to 
cause something else to screw up.


The above is just a starter, and depends on
the rest of you to add modifications, or
perhaps even to go in an entirely different


Thanks for reading all this!


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