TRN: "marked" threads, need 2nd mark, where *I've* posted.

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One critical need for a 2nd mark is evident in
how I both read and, at times, participate
in threads.

Some newsgroups that I follow have an enormous
number of threads, such that viewing the first
page of threads ("TOP") shows only 1% of the

comp.lang.perl.misc, comp.unix.solaris,, alt.usage.english -- these
groups are *huge*.

The way I (try) to read such groups is
by going through all the thread-subjects,
perhaps looking at who the posters are,
and marking them as something I'd (eventually)
like to read.

(And later I'll come in, starting at the
BOT final-page of threads, and do the
same, working backwards until I run into
some plus-signs.)


Mostly I just read the articles I've marked,
but sometimes I'll post my own question,
or perhaps make a comment on an existing


The (er, my) problem is that the ones
I've posted to, and people are nice enough
to respond to, thus answering some question
I've asked, and for which it is only polite
for me to *soon* check back and see if
there's a response (or two or ten), and
for which it is exceedingly *rude* to *not*
notice a response for a week or two ("I'll
never help *him* again -- doesn't even have
the common courtesy to read our goddamn
well-thought-out answers to his questions!") --
those important-to-get-back-to-QUICKLY threads
are mixed in with the vastly more that
are only "of interest, but only for reading".

QUESTION: is there anyone on this list who
has a similar problem, of it being far too
easy, when following and also posting
to several groups, to unintentionally
(*very* unintentionally) have things "fall
through the cracks"?

Or am I the only one, and everyone else here
reads at most only two or three groups?


I'll follow this by another "post" to this
list, with one or two superficial ideas on
eliminating this (my) problem -- I'll keep
that separate from this, where we can discuss
the *need* for some better way to be able
to quickly get to (rather, be led to) the
threads we've posted to ourselves.

Comments, please.  And work-arounds that
any of you might have discovered (described
in some tutorial way, perhaps, for eventual
addition to a hints-and-tricks appendix
or separate manual or faq).



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