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sourceforge has announced the following:

> Today we are launching an early beta release of a new feature on
>  This feature makes it possible to view and post data
> to forums using a simple newsreader (exactly like using USENET
> newsgroups).  Here's the information to login and try it out.
> The hostname of the NNTP server is '' and the port
> NNTP is listening on is 563. (nntps, SSL-protected NNTP)
> We allow only SSL connections.
> You need to use your SourceForge user name and password to login.
> The currently supported clients are Mozilla and Outlook, however we've
> followed the NNTP RFC; any client that does NNTP over SSL /should/
> work.  Please let us know if you have problems with a specific client.
> (Please see below)
> Please keep in mind that the server is beta and will more than likely
> crash.  Please don't send 1000 emails to list saying the server is
> offline; we'll fix it as soon as we get a chance.  Please send any bug
> reports, odd behavior, or problems to this list.  Thank you.
> Issue reports regarding this new beta feature should not be submitted
> as Support Requests; please direct all inquiries to the list.

I was wondering if anyone had modified trn to handle ssl based nntp.
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