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On 07/11/2013 03:44 PM, Devyn Collier Johnson wrote:
    I removed the package from the DOSEMU_Reborn project.

That's cool - it will avoid any further confusion among the (already sparse) user base.

I convinced the Wikipedia users to change the
abandonware status to active, so the DOSEMU Wikipedia page now shows
that DOSEMU is active.

That's cool too! :)

    I would like to help DOSEMU in some way. I do not know C/C++/C# very
well, so I cannot do too much programming.

You could test - see the DOSemu bug tracker. It's a tool to report bugs, propose features.. Feedback is important for development, and testing is the best way to provide feedback.

    I have some ideas that can help DOSEMU:
1. We should probably try to gather up some programmers to help.

good luck with that :)
I don't think programmers can be 'attracted' like, say, bees. programmers are vicious animals that usually like to do whatever they like most - if it's coding DOS emulation layers, then I believe they will find DOSEMU by themselves.

3. What is we spoke with the DOSbox developers about merging the two
projects? Why have two DOS emulators for Linux?

This is probably not such a good idea like it could sound like. DOSBox and DOSEMU are quite different. DOSBox is targeted to be multiplatform, while DOSEmu is specific to Linux (and that's one of the reason it's SO much faster than dosbox). There are probably some areas where both could meet (like sound emulation, vga stuff maybe?) but the cores are quite different, so I don't think a merge is possible.

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