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I removed the package from the DOSEMU_Reborn project. I asked Launchpad how to delete the whole project, so that project will be closed sometime soon. I convinced the Wikipedia users to change the abandonware status to active, so the DOSEMU Wikipedia page now shows that DOSEMU is active.

I would like to help DOSEMU in some way. I do not know C/C++/C# very well, so I cannot do too much programming. I was hoping to attract programmers to my project that could do some programming.

   I have some ideas that can help DOSEMU:
1. We should probably try to gather up some programmers to help.
2. I noticed that the SourceForge pages for DOSEMU are old. DOSEMU has not received any updates in years. Maybe if some of these areas got updates, that would help. 3. What is we spoke with the DOSbox developers about merging the two projects? Why have two DOS emulators for Linux? Why have to separate communities when we can have one large one? Open-source software is based off of collaboration, so we should merge the to groups and have collaboration. Competition will not help either of us; it seems to be killing DOSEMU. Plus, DOSEMU will not last long in my opinion. If we can convince the DOSbox developers to merge the projects then both emulators will do better and last longer. If this idea is successful, we should probably come up with a new name for the merged program/project. I would suggest PhoenixDOS - two projects disappear and one newer and better one forms.


Devyn Collier Johnson
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