Re: Resurrect DOSEMU

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11.07.2013 17:58, Mateusz Viste пишет:
>> I convinced the Wikipedia users to change the
>> abandonware status to active, so the DOSEMU Wikipedia page now shows
>> that DOSEMU is active.
> That's cool too! :)
IMHO wiki was fine, and whoever did the release (if ever),
could update it with all the necessary info.
Doesn't matter now though.

>>     I have some ideas that can help DOSEMU:
>> 1. We should probably try to gather up some programmers to help.
> good luck with that :)
> I don't think programmers can be 'attracted' like, say, bees.
You can - with money for instance, but there are the other
ways too.
There is probably no good howto about contributing ideas,
wishes and the management, but it is all possible, and not only
with the money.

In any case, I wonder if this guy is even subscribed to this list.
See here:
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