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TW wrote:


And yes, now something like

  dosemu -input 'thedosapp.exe\r\^['

indeed works, many thanks for pointing me to this!  Unfortunately, for
some reason this only works with the -input switch, but not when
piping, like

  echo "keystroke \^[" > dospipe

(where ^[ is what results from pressing ESC).  It doesn't work through
dosctrl or Ruby either.  I wonder why this is supported by the -input
switch, but not by the keystroke command...

To get back to the use of the echo command...

$ echo -n "\033" | wc
      0       1       4

$ echo -ne "\033" | wc
      0       0       1

This looks like a singe ESC character got sent to the
output, to me.

In fact...

$ echo -ne "\033" | od -x
0000000 001b

So, od got exactly one character, which was an ESC.

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