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Hi Mike,

thanks for your patience.  I'm sorry if my wording was confusing -
English is not my mother tongue.

It appears the following problem is equivalent to mine, but simpler to
describe because it neither involves pipes nor echo:

Say I have a DOS program that shows kind of a splash screen which can
be bypassed by hitting ESC.  (This is just an example.)  I'd like to
automate this, so I start dosemu like

  dosemu -input 'thedosapp.exe\r\^['

because in the readme[1] I'm told that "\^[" is the syntax for the
escape key.  At least that's how I interpret the "\^x" section.
Unfortunately, this doesn't work.  So what's the syntax for the escape
key?  I tried to find hints in the source code, but my C know-how is
pretty basic.  All I figured out is that the uhook_keystroke()
function in dosemu/src/base/misc/userhook.c must be the function that
handles the keystroke command.

2010/3/8 Mike McCarty <Mike.McCarty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> TW wrote:
> Oh, I forgot how to pipe a single space character
>        echo -n " " > dospipe

I sorted at least this one out, it can be achieved like

  echo "\  \ " > dospipe

Thomas W.

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