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Alain M. wrote:
It could be better if dosemu enforced an exclusive
access to hdimages, so that such a "tests" to became
completely impossible. Otherwise you have to run scandisk
on the hdimages after such a things.
Is this possible at all?
What? Set the lock to the hdimage file to prevent it from
being opened by the multiple dosemu instances? Of course
it is possible.

I believe this is important to avoid accidental destruction of data!
You can create the patch then. :)

I have no time and I can't take risk of new features  :(
I think this is a completely wrong attitude. [...]
Well, He *is* axpending quite a lot of time on this :)
My interpretation was "I don't have time for testing and
I can't risk, so even if someone will implement the locking
for me, I won't use it". That kind of attitude I really don't
understand. Of course no one will implement the locking most
likely, but be that happened and not accepted to try - that
would be not funny at all. :) I've seen people who ask for
something and then refuse to try the solution, and I don't
think they are ever dealt with again. (so this case is much
better: at least it is known beforehand that the solution
won't be tried, so the problem won't arise. :)

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