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> My interpretation was "I don't have time for testing and
> I can't risk, so even if someone will implement the locking
> for me, I won't use it". That kind of attitude I really don't
> understand. Of course no one will implement the locking most
> likely, but be that happened and not accepted to try - that
> would be not funny at all. :)
You understood my intentions wrong but it was my fault. 
My english is not perfect and sometimes I just makes my 
answares shorter than they should be. What I wanted to 
say was that at THIS moment I have to find other way to
solve my problem instead of waiting for some good folk 
who at swift put some lock code into dosemu.

Rafał Cygnarowski

PS. It would be superb if dosemu could have build-in 
NDIS driver as it's in packet driver case (another
good wish ;)
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