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Rafaе┌ Cygnarowski wrote:
There is no problem with DOS, DosEMU or Samba locking.
Why? I tried the test program you pointed
and it fails on any lredired drives, even the local ones
(on ext3 volumes).
It works properly only with the hdimage drives under dosemu.
I wouldn't call this a normal - dosemu should support the
locking on an lredired drives when the underlaying FS supports
them, but right now it doesn't.
OK, your puzzle seems too difficult to me. :)
1. It is possible to use tcp/ip under dosemu and msclient
supports it over ndis, but because odinsup is incompatible
with pdether, you can't use it. Whether it is possible to
use odihlp, is unclear.
2. It is possible to use ipx under dosemu and msclient supports
it over ipxodi, but in that case I wonder whether it is
possible to make samba to use IPX (it is possible with windows
though, and I beleive this is the way people actually use the
msclient under dosemu). So you probably won't use that too.
3. It is possible to use the linux client, and even though
smbfs doesn't support locking, the CIFSfs does. But then dosemu
doesn't support locking on the lredired drives, as your test
program and older postings to this list show.

I think the last way is more realistic than the first two.
There was some work on implementing the locking in dosemu,
but it probably have died.

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