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> > There is no problem with DOS, DosEMU or Samba locking.
> Why? I tried the test program you pointed
> and it fails on any lredired drives, even the local ones
> (on ext3 volumes).
> It works properly only with the hdimage drives under dosemu.
You should test with /auto2 ;) - so it doesn't work in this case either... But 
who runs more than one DOS on one computer? So, this case can be treated as 
unnormal and tricky and should be ommited.

> I wouldn't call this a normal - dosemu should support the
> locking on an lredired drives when the underlaying FS supports
> them, but right now it doesn't.
Ok, it's sucks... and that's why I try to move problem out from dosemu to 
network software where it realy works (tested with Novell Netware 3.12).

> OK, your puzzle seems too difficult to me. :)
> 1. It is possible to use tcp/ip under dosemu and msclient
> supports it over ndis, but because odinsup is incompatible
> with pdether, you can't use it. Whether it is possible to
> use odihlp, is unclear.

> 2. It is possible to use ipx under dosemu and msclient supports
> it over ipxodi, but in that case I wonder whether it is
> possible to make samba to use IPX (it is possible with windows
> though, and I beleive this is the way people actually use the
> msclient under dosemu). So you probably won't use that too.
AFAIK Samba supports only NetBIOS over TCP/IP :(

> 3. It is possible to use the linux client, and even though
> smbfs doesn't support locking, the CIFSfs does. But then dosemu
> doesn't support locking on the lredired drives, as your test
> program and older postings to this list show.
> I think the last way is more realistic than the first two.
> There was some work on implementing the locking in dosemu,
> but it probably have died.
I have no time and I can't take risk of new features :(

Maybe I just expect to much...
Rafał Cygnarowski
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