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Rafał Cygnarowski wrote:
It works properly only with the hdimage drives under dosemu.
You should test with /auto2 ;) - so it doesn't work in this case either... But who runs more than one DOS on one computer? So, this case can be treated as unnormal and tricky and should be ommited.
Yes - obviously this test is not supposed to work that
way. It could be better if dosemu enforced an exclusive
access to hdimages, so that such a "tests" to became
completely impossible. Otherwise you have to run scandisk
on the hdimages after such a things. So I'd say with
hdimages everything works as expected (except that dosemu
doesn't enforce an exclusive access to the image files).

Ok, it's sucks... and that's why I try to move problem out from dosemu to network software where it realy works (tested with Novell Netware 3.12).
What exactly works on Novell Netware here?

with pdether, you can't use it. Whether it is possible to
use odihlp, is unclear.
OK, I think now it is rather clear. I've found what's the
odihlp actually is:
Msodisup.vxd is the ODI support layer that maps NDIS 3.1 and later
protocols to an ODI driver, and Odihlp.exe is the real-mode stub that
allows LSL to complete its binding process in real mode.
I don't think they are joking. So, contrary to what you can
find elsewhere in the net, odihlp is a pure nothing without
msodisup.386. dosemu can run win31, but the vxd/386 drivers
do not work, so this is not an option too.

I think the last way is more realistic than the first two.
There was some work on implementing the locking in dosemu,
but it probably have died.
I have no time and I can't take risk of new features :(
I think this is a completely wrong attitude. That software is
free and without any warranty, no matter whether someone call
it stable or experimental. Only you can make sure that it suits
your needs. I am using a lot of the free software in the
mission-critical environment too, but I test it to death and
flood the developers with bug-reports, before anything else.
If they can address all my problems quickly, then I use it.
But as the result, I have to use the CVS snapshots where my
problems are addressed, and of course that suits my needs
much better than anything they call stable.
Quite surprisingly, I was lucky with that - usually the free
software is supported quite well. But you are out of luck - the
samba developers won't add IPX for you, as well as the dosemu
developers most likely won't add the locking for you, but it
is still the possibility, and the only one existing, I suspect.

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