Re: Difficulty finding a font file through the libraries

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One other thing I forgot to mention. The app developer told me this morning that there are a few other fonts that are not being found by gs. Whatever is happening is general in some way and not isolated to the Moonglade font file.

   -- Michael

> On Oct 29, 2021, at 03:34, Lawrence D'Oliveiro <ldo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Oct 2021 01:56:45 -0500, Michael Brennen wrote:
>> ... it finds the font in the .ttf file, NOT the .ttf.orig file. The
>> difference is that in this configuration gs does not go through FC to
>> find the fonts.
> OK, so the problem lies somewhere in the Fontconfig setup, but only
> when running that Ghostscript installation. Therefore there must be
> something different in how Fontconfig is configured when running
> Ghostscript. Environment variables in Apache?
>> The difficulty is that there is a *lot* going on
>> in those files, and trying to gain some idea of what they do is not
>> trivial.
> Yes. And we need to do this while reproducing the problem--that is,
> running Ghostscript and watching it fail to find the .ttf file and use
> .ttf.orig instead. Looking at the FC_DEBUG flags, it may be worthwhile
> turning on just about everything (FC_DEBUG=8191). You may end up with a
> huge logfile, but at least you can search through it to see where the
> .ttf.orig name is coming from.

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