Re: Difficulty finding a font file through the libraries

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On Fri, 29 Oct 2021 00:06:32 -0500, Michael Brennen wrote:

> For what it is worth, adding this line to the end of
> /usr/share/ghostscript/Resource/Init/Fontmap.GS, gs does not go
> through the fc libraries and finds the font in the .ttf file.
> /MoongladeDEMO-Regular  (/var/www/ext/resources/fonts/2- Moonglade Regular DEMO.ttf)  ;

OK, I figured out on my Debian system the equivalent file is
/usr/share/ghostscript/9.54.0/Resource/Init/Fontmap.GS. I think that’s
just for the builtin fonts, and shouldn’t be edited; this is because
your changes could easily be lost the next time the package is upgraded
or reinstalled.

So where is the equivalent to /var/lib/ghostscript/fonts/Fontmap? And
is it automatically generated in turn from config files in /etc

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