Re: Difficulty finding a font file through the libraries

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On Thu, 28 Oct 2021 19:43:45 -0500, Michael Brennen wrote:

> The production script runs as apache; there is no local fontconfig
> directory. I ran the process with sudo -u apache, and it has the same
> result: the font is found in the .ttf.orig file.

sudo also has the -i/--login option to make sure you run the command
more like a real login session as that user; may be worth adding that,
just in case.

> Loading MoongladeDEMO-Regular font from
> /var/www/ext/resources/fonts/2- Moonglade Regular DEMO.ttf.orig...

By the way, there must be an entry in the Fontconfig setup somewhere
that says to look in /var/www/ext/resources/fonts for fonts ... or is
this in the aforementioned Fontmap file?

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