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So this list has been basically empty this year -- no posts so far in all
of 2006.  Which is a shame; it's an idea with potential.

Why hasn't it succeeded?  My idea: I don't think people know what is asked 
of them, as mentors.

Let me make a proposal, and see what you guys think of it.


The Fedora Mentors program is a way of *guaranteeing* real-time, 
meaningful, specific help to people who come to IRC to ask for it.

How can we do that?  Simple: every Approved Fedora Mentor (tm) pledges to 
spend one hour a week, every week, on IRC.  

Just one hour -- but that hour is advertised heavily.  As in, posted to
the wiki, and as the title of the #fedora channel on freenode, and sent to
all the Fedora forums.  The Mentors would be the Go To People for newbies
in the Fedora project.

Each Approved Fedora Mentor (tm) must have deep experience in at least one 
of the Fedora projects or SIGs (special interest groups).

Over time, we'd be sending LOTS of people here.  Imagine: college students 
worldwide, looking for help on projects.  Business people, looking to 
prove that open source is right for them.

One hour a week.  Maybe it's just trolling Google to help people who can't
help themselves; maybe it's patiently explaining how to burn Fedora CDs
for someone who's using Windows.  Maybe it's troubleshooting
NetworkManager for the zillionth time.  Maybe it's explaining the
internals of the Extras build system.

The most important thing, though: for that one hour, the Mentors are 
GUARANTEED to be there.  Backed up by Fedora's good name.

Is one hour a week worth it?  Can you do it?  Can you commit to it?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Greg DeKoenigsberg || Fedora Project ||
Be an Ambassador ||

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