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Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> So this list has been basically empty this year -- no posts so far in all
> of 2006.  Which is a shame; it's an idea with potential.
> Why hasn't it succeeded?  My idea: I don't think people know what is asked 
> of them, as mentors.

o We have not talked about it. We have not blogged about it. We have not
pimped it enough.
o Should we have a mentor banner/sticker/logo on personal
websites/blogs/whatever foo we do ? ( perhaps...)

> How can we do that?  Simple: every Approved Fedora Mentor (tm) pledges to 
> spend one hour a week, every week, on IRC. both my logins count ? ;) No on a serious note, we might look
at the way GNOME BUG days are handled. Declaring an all hands mentor day
for a particular topic and giving it serious love is something that can
really change the way we do our business.

> Just one hour -- but that hour is advertised heavily.  As in, posted to
> the wiki, and as the title of the #fedora channel on freenode, and sent to
> all the Fedora forums.  The Mentors would be the Go To People for newbies
> in the Fedora project.

Mentors (for their respective fields) also could have a short document
(nothing fancy) ready that provides the new mentee pointers to where to
go, where to begin, what to expect and what are the usual suspect URLs.
Myself and Ramakrishna Reddy (who is too lazy to put his name up on the
wiki) are interacting with our first batch who are teaching us some
lessons in *being prepared*.

> Over time, we'd be sending LOTS of people here.  Imagine: college students 
> worldwide, looking for help on projects.  Business people, looking to 
> prove that open source is right for them.

In all the presentations that Fedora has please have 1 slide about the
Mentor Project when you talk about HowTo Contribute to Fedora.

> Is one hour a week worth it?  Can you do it?  Can you commit to it?

You got it.

- -Sankarshan

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But I dream things that never were;
and I say 'Why not?' - George Bernard Shaw
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