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Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:

So this list has been basically empty this year -- no posts so far in all
of 2006.  Which is a shame; it's an idea with potential.

Why hasn't it succeeded? My idea: I don't think people know what is asked of them, as mentors.

I personally do not know what exactly is expected of me as a mentor. To recount an incident, the other day someone popped into #fedora-mentors irc channel looking for help. He said that **he wanted to contribute**. I had to keep questioning him to fully understand his area of interest and then I directed him to the other appropriate channels where he could find people of similar interest as I was not in a position to answer all his questions.

As a result, first of all I think the mentors ought to be given a brief outline of how we should interact with new mentees i.e. how to solve their initial queries, provide appropriate direction and help organise themselves. It could be like a questionaire to understand their area of interest. If they are clear about it then its easy for us, it not then we can help them figure it out. The last thing we might be looking here is confusing the mentees with our lack of proper understanding of the processes. I guess Sankarshan already mentioned this in his mail about how their mentees are teaching them about "to be prepared".

Secondly the #fedora-mentors channel is very sparsely populated and hardly any word exchanged there all day long. I am logged in there from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Indian time and I have hardly seen any conversation since the past 1 month. Probably its because of the lack of visibility of the Fedora-Mentors project as indicated by Maureen. 1 hour a week is pretty much acceptable and people like me who hardly ever need to move out of office during work-time can help back up as well.

Imho, the Mentors project ought to be integrated while promoting all the other projects as we have people from all these special groups volunteering in for Mentors. So in case someone is looking for a point of contact, a Mentor is the first thing that comes to mind

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