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On Fri, Sep 15, 2023, at 4:12 PM, Neal Gompa wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 15, 2023 at 1:28 PM Colin Walters <walters@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> My point is only partly about the HTML, but about the ecosystem surrounding it (CI is a really big one) but really the total user experience (account system, uptime, moving issues), etc.
>> The bigger point I want to make here is that one of the roles of Fedora obviously is to be an upstream for RHEL.  To state the blindingly obvious thing, RHEL made a decision to centralize on Gitlab.  Having Fedora be on pagure creates IMO unnecessary friction for me.  I would be quite curious to get some sort of survey of other engineers for how they feel.  I'm sure there's some that disagree with me, to be clear - at least one already responded.
> Fedora is also the upstream to Amazon Linux.

Yes, this is a valid point.  However, I think there are - you know - rather a *few* notable differences between the two.  Starting with: I am pretty sure still today that Red Hat pays for the time of most people who work on the existing infrastructure and the server bills, and has done so for the entire 19 year existence of Fedora.  Also of salient note, to the best of my knowledge the dist-git equivalent for Amazon Linux's isn't public.  CentOS Stream is, and synergy between the two is exactly what I'm talking about.  We have no idea what source control they use for their forks of packages; I somehow doubt it's gitlab or pagure, but who knows.  But still your point is valid in that it *would* be interesting to know what Amazon Linux folks think.

>  It is (partly/indirectly)
> an upstream to other RPM distributions. If you're implying we (Fedora)
> need to follow what our downstreams do for development; 

I think using absolute terminology (here, "need") is setting up a strawman.  I personally think of things much more in terms of "centers of gravity", that influence each other.  I'm saying that the influence and needs of those of us who must use to succeed at our jobs should matter a not small amount.

Also to be very clear - I consistently use my personal email for FOSS interactions; I'm not speaking for "Red Hat" as any kind of whole.  I am expressing my personal, day to day annoyance at having to use 3 different git forges to succeed at my job (all at the same company!), and it would be a notable improve to go down to two.  (But again again, I am *sure* there are those who disagree with me too!  Would love to maybe do a survey)

But, eh.  We could just leave this as the status quo; we all have other problems to solve too.
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